Our Supplier

Bafang is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-drive systems and have been developing and perfecting their craft since 2003. With over 700 employees working in eight locations worldwide, their operations are globally recognised and successful. Bafang Industries manufacture and sell over 1,000,000 motors every year showing their products are of the highest quality and offer great flexibility for use on most bicycles. Their motors combine impressive performance with quiet operation, and deliver power whether your climbing or descending. Once fitted, their elegant design is lightweight, compact and barely noticeable. Today we look away from noisy cars and congested roads, and look towards more sustainable methods of transportation. 
One of the greatest forms of travel is on a bicycle! They have been around for centuries, however, now they can all become electric. The best electric bike is probably sitting in your garage, all you need is a motor and a battery. In the simplest form, that’s everything required for an electric bike, most of the other components are symmetrical, and are the same whether it be electric or not. There is no need to go a buy an electric bike, you can just add a motor and a battery to the one you already have. Your existing bike fits you, you like it (because you bought it), and so by converting it you are repurposing a product which would otherwise end up being scrapped. It’s always best to add a price comparison to our kits, were you to purchase a pre-built e-bike similar to one of our conversions, the price point would be in the vicinity of £4000 - £5000, whereas our kits compete with those exquisitely, yet at a fraction of the cost. 1/6 times to be a little more accurate!